The Manhasset UFSD 2013 Fields Initiative
The Manhasset Union Free School District (“Manhasset UFSD”), the Manhasset High School Booster Club, Indians’
Rock Community Foundation, the Nassau County Police Activity League – Manhasset unit (“Manhasset PAL”) and
the Manhasset Soccer Club have joined together to provide leadership funding for the Manhasset UFSD 2013
Fields Initiative. The Manhasset UFSD 2013 Field Initiative seeks to replace the synthetic turf at Manhasset High
School’s Secondary School Stadium and add a full sized rectangular field and re-grade and install sod in existing
field areas at Shelter Rock School. This 2013 Fields Initiative will take place in two phases and will benefit both the
Manhasset community youth athletic groups and the Manhasset UFSD teams.
Phase 1 Summer 2013:
• Replacement of the synthetic stadium turf at the Secondary School.
• Safety netting permitting full use of the field when the track is in use.
• New turf and netting will be replaced in conjunction with the scheduled track work that was approved
and funded by a Manhasset community vote in May 2011.
• Construction and installation is scheduled for completion during the summer of 2013.
• Funding for Phase 1 includes a grant to the Manhasset UFSD for renovation of an athletic field from the
State of New York; these funds must be expended by Fall 2013.
Phase 2 Fall 2013:
• Addition of a full size rectangular athletic field at Shelter Rock Elementary School.
• Allows for two full size fields running end to end East to West that may be used simultaneously.
• New sod and improved field conditions for all athletes at Shelter Rock.
Background on Use of Manhasset UFSD Fields; Underwriting of Cost of Fields; Fundraising Objectives
Manhasset PAL conducts youth lacrosse, field hockey and football programs and Manhasset Soccer Club, Inc.
conducts youth soccer programs for children of Manhasset residents. The Manhasset UFSD, through the
permitting process, provides regular use of these rectangular athletic fields to these organizations without charge.
Historically, the Manhasset UFSD has received significant funding from Manhasset booster and youth groups
as well as members of the Manhasset community for the installation of synthetic turf, lights and other capital
improvements. This cooperation on field use has provided an exceptional benefit to the Manhasset community, as
thousands of children have enjoyed a more comprehensive athletic experience due to the much higher availability
of fields for practices and games.
The Manhasset USFD 2013 Fields Initiative has a total projected cost of approximately $700,000. The contribution
for the 2013 Fields Initiative from Manhasset UFSD of approximately $140,000 includes funds primarily from
a New York State grant, as well as comprehensive administrative planning, input, and construction oversight.
Contributions from the other organizations of approximately $260,000 will be derived from existing funds and
membership fees. Approximately $300,000 still needs to be raised from donations.
The ongoing partnership of the Manhasset UFSD, the youth groups and members of the community has been and
continues to be an invaluable and visionary asset which benefits the Manhasset community and all Manhasset
students and student athletes. We urge you to consider a donation in support of this project to help our
community and its children. 
If paying by check please make Check Payable to: Indians Rock Community Foundation and mail to Indians Rock, 28 Maple Place 757, Manhasset NY 11030. Contributions (via credit card or check) may be eligible under your employer’s matching gift

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