About US

About Us:
If you are involved with athletics in Manhasset, whether you have a child
that plays a sport, you are a coach or just an observer; you probably have
realized that the athletic infrastructure in Manhasset is quickly becoming

We have too few fields, many of our athletic buildings and facilities are old
and need updating, in many cases we lack state of the art equipment, and
we lack some basic necessities like rest rooms, concession stands and other
amenities that many schools in far less affluent communities have. This
not only affects the school teams, but the PAL program and the
community as a whole.

Enter the Indians Rock Community Foundation.

In the Spring of 2006, the idea for a foundation was presented to the
Superintendent, The Manhasset School District Administration, the
Manhasset School Board, the president of MAAC, the president of the
Booster club as well as individuals within the Manhasset Community. Our
idea was overwhelming received.

Moving on that momentum the Indians Rock Community Foundation was
established as a 501(c)(3) public charity. We are a community based
foundation. Our goal is to enhance the overall athletic facilities through
the Manhasset community for the benefit and use of the entire Manhasset
community. If you are a resident of Manhasset then we believe you will
benefit from better and more facilities.

In addition, we have established a Board of Directors that consists of Brian Reilly (co-president), Carl Pate, Tim Reilly, Chris Corin (co-president),  , George Thorpe,  Mike Magee, Tracy Taylor, John Keogh, and Lori Fleishhacker .

We also have an Advisory Board that consist of individuals community
members, coaches and Project Initiative Captains. Each member of the
Advisory Board will provide guidance, manpower and ideas to the
Foundation. The Project Initiative Captain will be responsible for
spearheading a team to accomplish a specific project, while reporting to
the Board on the progress of that initiative.

We believe that this is both an exciting and necessary Foundation for the
Manhasset Community. If you would like to become involved either fill
our contact form on our Contact Us page or send us an email at:

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